DGS Musicians Earn All-State Honors

DGS Musicians Earn All-State Honors

DGS Musicians Earn All-State Honors
Thirteen student musicians from Downers Grove South High School have earned All-State honors through the Illinois Music Education Association.

Thirteen student musicians from South High School in Downers Grove have been selected through competitive audition to participate in the 2017-2018 Illinois Music Education Association All-State Bands, Orchestras, Choirs, Jazz Bands or Vocal Jazz Ensembles. Auditions took place on October 10, 2017 at Carl Sandburg High School. Chorus students have been placed into Honors or All-State Ensembles based on their district auditions and call-backs.  Instrumental students will audition again in January while in Peoria for placement in either Honors or All-State Ensembles.

“Earning a spot as an All-State musician is the pinnacle of performance success for a high school performer in Illinois” Fine Arts Department Chairman, Glenn Williams said. “The long-term performance success of these student musicians can be attributed to families, private teachers, and sender school music teachers. South High School is proud of these students for their diligence and commitment to musical excellence and is pleased to have them represent our school, our district and our community as musical ambassadors at the IMEC this coming January in Peoria.”

The All-State Band, Choir, and Orchestra will convene for a series of rehearsals in Peoria, IL, January 24-27, 2018.  Their concerts will be held at the Peoria Civic Center on the afternoon of January 27, 2018.

Allie Brandt (12) – Bb Clarinet
Danny King (12) – Bb Clarinet

Amy Binder (12) – Alto II
Matt Burrows (12) – Bass II
Agne Giedraityte (10) – Soprano I
Myles Henderson (12) – Bass II
Matthew McKenney (11) – Bass II
Natalie Olsen (12) – Soprano II
Nathaniel Parson (12) – Tenor II
Priya Patel (12) – Soprano II

Nicolette Cheaure (12) -Viola
Bella Kelly (12) – Violin II
Therese Malinowski (10) – Cello


The music faculty, private teachers and sender school music teachers associated with South High School are proud to recognize the students that earned 37 placements in band, choir, jazz band and orchestra.  On Wednesday, October 11,  69 student musicians from South High School in Downers Grove took a total of 84 auditions at Carl Sandburg High School to participate in the 2017  Illinois Music Education Association District 1 Festivals.  These students have been selected through a highly competitive audition to participate in the 2017 ILMEA District Festivals.

Student musicians enrolled in music ensembles in the DGS Fine Arts department continue to annually demonstrate remarkable success at both the District and All-State level. “The total number of participating students continues to be consistently high on an annual basis.” said DGS Fine Arts Chairman Glenn Williams. “Additionally, DGS is equally well represented in all areas of ensemble performance – band, choir, orchestra, vocal jazz and jazz band – in this process.”

For more information about attending these district festivals, please contact Fine Arts Department Chairman Glenn Williams at gwilliams@csd99.org or at 630.795.8681.


Amy Binder – (12) – Alto II
Peter Burrows – (10) – Tenor I
Matt Burrows (12) – Bass II
Abby Davenport – (12) – Alto I
Michaela Dukes – (12) – Soprano I
Jillian Foster – (11) – Alto II
Agne Giedraityte – (10) – Soprano I
Myles Henderson – (12) – Bass II
Faith Ley (12) – Soprano II
Matthew McKenney – (11) – Bass II
Natalie Olsen (12) – Soprano II
Nathaniel Parson – (12) – Tenor II
Priya Patel – (12) – Soprano II
Allison Puccillo – (12) Alto I
Sam Selakovich – (11) – Alto II
Adrian Trujillo – (11) – Bass II


Emma Ansah (11) – Bb Clarinet
Carson Aldrich (11) – Trombone (Orchestra)
Allison Brandt (12) – Bb Clarinet (Orchestra)
Jake Burrows (12) – Trumpet (Orchestra)
Samantha Guagliardo – (11) – Euphonium
Danny King (12) – Bb Clarinet (Band)
Kyle Kotula (12) – Trombone (Band)
Emily Schwab (11) – Bassoon (Band)
Saahil Sorakayla (10) – Bassoon (Band)



Nicolette Cheaure (12) – Viola
Bella Kelly (12) – Violin
Therese Malinowski – (10) – Cello
Lauren Mulé – (10) – Violin
Madeline Pteanc – (11) – Violin



Carson Aldrich – (11) – Trombone
Nathan Brummel – (9) – Trombone
Jake Burrows – (12) – Trumpet
Joseph Daniele – (11) – Trombone
Kyle Kotula – (12) – Trombone
Scott Pape – (11) – Drum Set
Nathan Wiechec – (10) Trombone

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