Student Activities Fund

1. What is a Student Activities Fund?

  • Every participating DGS Choir Program student is eligible to have a Student Activities Fund. You may request credits from your fund to be used for any approved music program related expense.

2. What is a music program related expense?

  • Eligible expenses include; private lessons, ensemble required apparel, workshops, camps, trips & shows. All requests are subject to review by the Booster board.

3. How do I earn credits for my Student Activities Fund?

  • Credits are earned by participating in DGS Choir Program fundraisers designated as Student Activities Fund eligible. The amount that you earn (a percentage of the profit) is placed into your individual account. The more fundraising you participate in, the more credits you can earn and have applied to your account.

4. How do I withdraw my credits?

  • Print & fill out a Student Activities Fund Request Form.  Printed copies of the form are also available in the choir room.
  • Place the completed form with copies of receipts or canceled checks in an envelope labeled “Student Activities Fund Reimbursement Request” & deposit in the choir mailbox located in the choir room
  • All reimbursement requests are approved by the Choir Director, Booster Treasurer & Booster Board
  • After approval, requested reimbursement will be deducted from the individual Student Activities Fund & a check will be mailed to the designated recipient
  • You must have sufficient credits in your Student Activities Fund to cover the amount of your request. Requested amounts may not exceed the current balance in a student’s account, as verified by the Booster Treasurer. All amounts are subject to review and approval. 
  • Please allow up to five weeks to process a request.

5. How do I know how many credits area in my Student Activities Fund?

  • Click here to check your Student Account balance Choir Student Activities Fund.  They are also posted by student ID number on the bulletin board in the choir room

6. What happens if I am a graduating senior or if I am not returning to the DGS Choir Program?

  • If you are a graduating senior or will not be returning to the Choir Program, you must submit a final request for reimbursement or transfer your balance to a sibling’s Student Activities Fund by May 1st.
  • If you do not submit your final request by the deadline date, any individual balance remaining in your Student Activities Fund will be transferred to the Choral Boosters General Fund

If your Student Activities Fund balance is not listed, you either have a $0 balance or Boosters does not have your Student ID number. If you have any questions concerning your Student Activities Fund please contact your Choir Director or the Choral Booster Treasurer.  Booster Treasurer contact information can be found on the “About Us” tab on this website